Many thanks for your interest, Free Acoustics!

We’ve got a friendly correspondence from a developer of Free Acoustics. Currently they offer AlphaDoc, an opensource graphical database of absorption coefficients of building materials, and VizIR, a graphic tool of acoustic criteria (such as T30). We are encouraged to know someone else is working on opensource codes in the field of architectural acoustics. Many thanks for your interest, Free Acoustics!

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  1. Hi,

    My IRis software has been renamed to VizIR, could you change the name in your article too?

    Posted 2013年09月30日 at 08:59 | Permalink
  2. admin

    Hi Erwan, have you been!
    It was changed to VisIR.
    Hisaharu SUZUKI

    Posted 2013年09月30日 at 09:12 | Permalink

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